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Bullying Web Pages

At some time or another everyone encounters bullying - you may 

  • be being bullied yourself
  • see someone else being bullied
  • be told about bullying that is going on
  • be involved in bullying yourself

These Web Pages are designed to help YOU. Click below on the option for you.

If you are being bullied or know of bullying which is taking place then please click on the relevant link below to fill out a form, then post it through the school mailbox or hand to a member of staff.

I am being bullied            I know someone that is being bullied

Here are websites and contacts to help those affected by bullying

Schools Anti-Bullying Website - help and advice for pupils.  Bullying - what it is and how the school deals with the issues it raises.

Anti-Bullying Alliance Website - who can help you with bullying and its effects

Click here to email the school about bullying! Your email will be read this week by one or two teachers only. It will be taken seriously and followed up. In your email remember to include - your name and form, a description of your problem and the name of a member of staff who you would be happy to speak to about the situation.